Very satisfied customer!

I have been considering copper gutters for my home for quite some time. I decided to take the first step and upon my online research, found copper gutter supply company; I’m so glad I did.
The website is very attractive and quite user-friendly/easy to navigate.
I had multiple questions, called the company and the sales person was very professional, easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable about their products.
I decided to move forward with the project. The ordering, and shipping process was seamless.
I now have beautiful European copper gutters on my home; I must say the quality of their products are second to none!
Would highly recommend copper gutter supply company.


Have been thinking about installing

Have been thinking about installing copper gutters on my parents’ old farmhouse. When the house was built, they originally installed copper gutters. But sometime through the years for whatever reason they were “updated”. Some salesman talked them into the newest and greatest achievement in gutter systems. Hogwash. Lol. So I’ve recently started restorations on the old house and wanted to return it back to the original copper gutters. Not knowing where to find them I did what most people these days do and said “Hey goggle”. Low and behold I couldn’t believe there was a supplier fairly close to my parents home. So I contacted them and there were more willing to help me with my project. The sales rep explained everything that I would need and got my order taken care of right away.
Thank you copper gutter supply for helping me restore my family’s homestead to its original look. Once the project is finished I’ll try and post some pictures of the finished work. Once again thank you copper gutter and bless your hearts for making our vision a reality.